• Plattvärmeväxlare

Plate heat exchanger for industrial purposes

The plate heat exchanger’s unique design provides maximum heat exchange area in comparison to its size. The product range has equipment available in many materials to be able to fulfil our client’s needs from low flows up to flows of 4500 m3/h per unit.

Special welded models are available with features enabling simple cleaning with for example high pressure cleaner, which normally is not possible on traditional type plate heat exchangers. Our partner SPX, with brand name APV for the plate heat exchangers, are well known for thei ability to solve special applications with high pressure, high temperature and low pressure drop.

CAMpreq together with APV in Denmark will help you through the process of chosing the model which suits the application best. And we can provide service both on site or in APV’s own work shop in Kolding Denmark when required.

APV plate heat exchangers are available in several different models and designs within these types:

  • Gasket type
  • Semi-welded
  • Brazed type
  • Fully welded

Note that CAMpreq have a sales agreement which allows us to market SPX APV’s product range to Swedish industrial clients only. For marine and food stuff applications, and regions outside Sweden, please contact SPX APV direct for further communication.

Gasket type plate heat exchangers

Plattvärmeväxlare XL modell Sirius - platta

The product range today consists of plates ranging from 0,01 up to 4,6 m2 heat exchange area per plate. Part of the APV product range are equipped with their own developed and patented special “Easy Clip” gasket holders which make gasket replacement much more simple and quick to perform, and without any requirements for adhesives, glues etc.

The plate guide bar has been specially developed to improve weight distribution equally and perfectly straight in order to increase life time and general availability as well as simplify maintenance.

Fully welded – APV Hybrid – for high temperature and high pressure

Fully welded plate heat exchangers for heating, cooling, condensating and evaporation purposes. Typically used for high pressures and temperatures, for example within power, chemical  and sugar production industries. Models are available with tube like design on one side, thus providing excellent passage for particles and fibre rich contents, as well as low counter pressure enabling high viscous media to pass through. By removing only a few parts, with the unit still installed it can be easily cleaned with for example a high pressure cleaner. Have a look at the video at the end of this page.

This decreases the need for using chemical agents for cleaning in certain applications and warrant higher performance and efficiency of the heat transfer by simple means of normal periodic maintenance.

Semi welded plate heat exchangers

Often used where there is an aggresive media on one side, where every second plate is welded, and everysecond plate equipped with standard packing seal. Often used for cooling media in different chemical, industrial and petrochemical applications.

Brazed plate heat exchangers

We have a wide range of compact brazed type plate heat exchangers which are especially suited for heating of water, district heating, gas boiler and sun heating applications. Very commonly used in the district cooling circuits outer end, i.e. in the building towards which the heat exchange is done from the central system grid.

Service and maintenance of many different types and brands

Through APV’s very exprienced and knowledgable service personnel, we can provide first class service both on site or in APV’s own work shop in Kolding, Denmark.

They are able to service not only their own models and brand of plate heat echangers, but also many of their competitor’s models and brands. They stockpile different sizes of plates, gaskets, frames and other parts and have equipment and pressure plates to enable test pressuring of the plate packs before delivery to client.


APV Hybrid, simple to clean
(YouTube 1 min 23 sek)