MITA Days – Sales Conference

On 23-25 September MITA Cooling Technologies held their “MITA Days” sales conference with their European sales representatives in Siziano just south of Milano.

Participants from 10 countries gathered at MITA’s headquarters to get to know each other, hear about the latest news and together perform some joint excersizes to identify areas of joint improvements for the future.

Among other things, we can present the new product PME Silent Plus. The PME-model is the type most popular and commonly used amongst MITA’s product range in Sweden with its very simple design, set-up and with minimal requirement for maintenance.

In the new PME-version Silent Plus, a low speed motor/fan is used which provides very low sound levels in combination with a significantly lower power consumption. The unit will by necessity be slightly larger and more expensive in comparison to a standard unit with the same capacity, however, the energy savings will result in a relatively quick payback time of the slightly higher initial investment.

Other news which are coming up will include new material choice options, an increased and improved model program within the MITA MCT range with its forced draft centrifugal fans, new digitalization options etc.

You can read more about our cooling towers here, and if you want to know more please call or e-mail us today!

New Plate Heat Exchanger!

We are pleased to announce SPX APV’s launch of the MIRA ENERGY SAVER ELITE. The latest design from SPX FLOW is suitable for hot/chilled water, central heating/cooling, water/water, and water/oil applications.

The MIRA Energy Saver Elite delivers the most efficient thermal performance by having the optimal plate design, reduced footprint and minimal components for ease-of-service.

Two gasket options, NBR (FDA) and EPDM exclusively use the DOUBLECLIP gasket-affixing system, enabling gasket stability and quick tool-free changeout.

Försäljningsingenjör Johan Stangvik

Johan Stangvik
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The MIRA plates feature a graduated chocolate box design for better thermal performance and a corrugated pattern to promote turbulence and minimize fouling. With appropriate selections, one can expect temperatures up to 150C and pressures up 16 bar, a new solution in the range currently covered by SR2 and H17 plates.

You can read more and download the new brochure here, and if you want to learn more call or e-mail our product manager Johan Stangvik today!

Large silencer delivered

In May we supplied a two stage steam blow off silencer of ”splitter type” with special transport from factory in Germany to the end customer, a paper mill on the Swedish northwestern coast.

The unit weighs in at 5 tons with measuring an impressive 4 m length and 2,7 m diameter. The silencer decreases the soundlevel of overheated high pressure 64 bar steam from 170 dBA Lb at the relief valve down to 90 dBA at 20 degree’s angle 10 m out from the silencer outlet.

Huge thanks to our nice and reliable logistics partners Silent Transport in Varberg, Sweden who in cooperation with Lindeberg Spedition solved the special freight just as good and smoothly as usual.

You can read more about our silencers here, and if you want to know more, call or e-mail us today!

New partner ejector technology

CAMpreq AB (formerly C.A. Mörck) has sold ejector based solutions since 1960, where we have previously represented Europe’s two leading manufacturers.

We are now pleased to present our new world-leading partners – Croll Reynolds and CR Clean Air from the US – for our product areas ejectors, vacuum systems and scrubbers.

(Link to Swedish/English Press Release)

Founded in New York in 1917, Croll Reynolds has delivered world-class tailormade solutions to the chemical, petrochemical, paper and pulp, pharmaceutical, energy, aerospace, steel and food industries worldwide.

The possibilities and variations in possible application areas are almost endless in this product segment, which makes it particularly challenging and inspiring.

Croll Reynolds with its ejectors and vacuum systems and the sister company CR Clean Air Group with its land-based jet cleaners are a good partner that meets CAMpreq’s requirements such as ISO 9001, European PED requirements and the habit of meeting the other classifications and documentation requirements our customers need.

From our CEO:

“CAMpreq are happy to continue the long tradition that started under the C.A. Mörck era with a renowned world leading player in ejector based technology.
We hope that you will help us in welcoming Croll Reynolds and CR Clean Air to the CAMpreq family.
Best regards, Peter Sundbaum

Försäljningsingenjör Johan Stangvik

Johan Stangvik
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You can read more about our jet pumps and vacuum systems here, and gas scrubbers here. And if you want to know more, call or send a message to our product manager Johan Stangvik today!

  Länk till Croll Reynolds hemsida  Länk till CR Clean Airs hemsida

Mutiple tube cleaning systems retrofit

A project that started as a colledge student’s study later resulted in the supply of four complete Taprogge Tube Cleaning systems for a power station in Stockholm.

The systems are retrofitted on a district cooling plant which has been in operation for a long time, which caused a high deamnd on adapting to the present site conditions and space available.

The plants which is used for district heating during winter time and as district cooling system during the summer months, has been struggling a long time with fouling inside the tubes of their tube heat exchangers and condenser units (1+1 per system). The problem mostly occurs during summer time when the cooling water is brought in from the Baltic Sea.

One system was installed and commissioned in August 2018 to gain experience for the remaining three systems to be installed during spring 2019.

In connection to first start up it was clearly noticed that there was a capacity increase for the system. Commissioning and training was performed by Taprogge’s own specialists from Germany in cooperation with CAMpreq on site in Stockholm.

You can read more about our tube cleaning systems here.

Are you intersted in learning if YOUR plant could be suitable for a retrofit? Or are you about to design a new plant and are worried about the consequences of fouling in the planned tube heat exchangers and/or condenser units? Call us today!



Tube heat exchanger Argon cooling

During the spring we have delivered a tube heat exchanger for gas cooling to an industrial client in the city of Luleå. It has now been installed and pressure tested and will be taken into operation shortly .

The media on the tube side is Argon and 40% glycol/water mix on the shell side. The heat exchanger is in 1 pass configuration with a cooling effect of 45 kW. The unit is 2,4 meter long and 0,3 m in diameter with a heat transfer area of 25 m². With its titanium stabalized stainless steel material it ways in at 490 kg.

If you wnat to know more about our tube heat exchangers you can find more informaiton here, or call Johan today!

Hybrid heat exchanger started up

In the beginning of 2018 our client took their SPX APV Hybrid S4 Plate Heat exchanger into operation. The delivery was done as early as summer of 2017 to a power plant on the Swedish east coast.

The application is for ehating of bio-oil (220 kW, 76 tons/hr) which is to be pumped through approx. 200 m pipes from the storage tank to the incineration boiler.

APV’s fully welded plate heat exchanger which they call their ”Hybrid” model in effect looks like a tube heat exchanger on one side with up to 7 mm ”diameter” and with a more traditional corrugated shape/design on the other side.

In this application, the high viscous fluid goes through the tube side, whereas the other side has a water/glycol based system (65 tons/hr) which in turn gets its heat from a district heating circuit (19 tons/hr) through a “normal” plate heat exchanger supplied at the same time, being a SPX APV Orion 034 with Energy Saver plates. All media touched parts are in stainless steel AISI 316L material.

The system has no been in operation for several months, and the customer has upon follow up with visit on site confirmed fulfilment of the expected functionality and are happy overall with our delivery and documentation.

Senior Sales Engineer Johan Stangvik

Johan Stangvik
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+46 31 720 24 68

An alternativt application area for this hybrid model is where you have a very dirty side which is difficult to keep clean by ordinary mneans of CIP etc. The hybrid unit can very easily be opened up on site and efficiently cleaned by means of a high pressure cleaner for quick maintenance without need for time consuming disassembly, bringing to work shop etc which would be the case with a normal plate heat exchanger.

You can read more about our products from SPX APV here and the brochure for the hybrid model is available  here.

The customer is more than willing to act as reference for the products supplied and our delivery performance, if interested please contact our responsible sales person Johan for more information!

Lossning av första kyltornsöverdelen

Four large cooling towers delivered

Close to two years after first site visit and meeting with this client, we have recently delivered four large PME 7204 Super Silent Cooling Towers to a pulp & paper mill in the middle of Sweden.

The customer has prepared a completely new building for positioning of the cooling towers on top of it, with a common cooling water tank inside on the level below. In the same building, the heat exchange towards the process itself is contained. Due to the nature of the process cooling water, client has decided to use and heat exchanger in between to avoid the risk for biological growth and its related hazards.

Installation and start-up with be conducted within the next few weeks after which a test operation period will commence.

Below you will find some pictures from the loading procedure at our partner MITA’s facilities in Siziano just south of Milano. And some pictures from the off-loading procedure on site. The four cooling towers were transported through means of intermodal truck transport, meaning that the five MEGA-trailers were transported trhough means of truck, railway, boat and finally by truck again to site.

You can read more about our evaporative cooling towers here, and if you want to learn more call us or send an e-mail today!


Kyltornets överdel

Långsida med serviceluckor    Lasten säkras för transport i MEGA-trailer

Kyltornets bassängunderdel, i två delar lastas    En komplett bassängunderdel plus uppställningssmide x 4 lastas


Lossning av första kyltornsöverdelen

Lossad och klar för lyft på plats senare    Kyltornsbassäng och uppställningssmide x 4 lossat

Fler kyltorn lossas lossningsdag 2    Site-anpassning med kylvatteninlopp på en kortsida (ist.f. två på långsidan)

Contract for seven silencers, paper industry

We are pleased to have secured a new contract for BBM’s very popular silencers to a customer within the paper industry in the south west of Sweden.

Sample picture from another delivery

The project includes seven different positions for ventilation, aeration and blow off where the authoroties’ demands have increased when the plant has grown and habitation comes closer.

The customer have purchased silencers from us before, and we are very pleased for this repeat trust.

The units will handle flows ranging from 2 to 30 tons/hr, inlet diameters from DN 150 to DN 400 and the largest unit has a casing diameter of 1,2 m, is 2,5 m long and weighs in at just below 1,7 tons.

Delivery and installation during spring 2018.

Read more about our silencers here, or contact our responsible sales man today!